How to Donate

Send us an email at  and arrange a drop off time with one of our volunteers. It’s as simple as that!

Can I bring it to where the boxes are made?

Unfortunately no. Our work room is in a shared space, so we can’t have unauthorized visitors, even if they are trying to be awesome and save us time when they drop off. We appreciate the sentiment though!

What do you accept?

Good quality new and used baby items such as clothes, bedding, toiletries etc…

More complete lists of each category are below.


We take clothing from preemie/newborn size up to 12 months. Items must be clean and in good repair with no rips or stains. We accept:

Onesies, sleepers, tops, pants, skirts, dresses, sweaters, socks, shoes, hats, mitts, coats, snowsuits etc…


We can accept blankets, crib sheets, swaddle blankets, sleep sacks, receiving blankets etc…

Please note that we cannot take anything that is not officially recommended anymore, such as crib bumpers or sleep positioners.

Toiletries and Diapers

We can only accept new, unopened toiletries for sanitary reasons please. We take:

Baby wash, baby shampoo, baby lotion, diaper cream, lanolin, any pregnancy/postpartum specific creams or toiletries, heavy pads for postpartum, baby wipes and diapers.

Diapers do not have to be full packages! Feel free to donate any leftovers that baby has grown out of. We mostly use the smallest sizes of diapers but get requests for babies of all ages so we are happy to accept any size. 

Feeding Items

We take both breastfeeding and bottle feeding supplies.

Some breastfeeding items we accept are: Breast pads (partial boxes that you have leftover are just fine!), lanolin, nursing covers, breastmilk storage bags/containers, nursing pillows etc…

Unfortunately for sanitary reasons we cannot accept breast pumps.

Some bottle feeding items we accept are: Bottles, nipples, disposable insert refills, formula portioning containers, bottle travel bags, etc…


Some other miscellaneous items we can take are:

Hooded towels, wash clothes, bathing suits, baby carriers (small ones, in good condition), spoons, bibs, burp clothes, baby dishes, sippy cups, small toys or stuffed animals (few), any small item you found useful with baby.

Paper boxes! We pack our items in paper boxes donated by offices and are in need of a new source. Please contact us if you can help!

Making the boxes also uses a few office supplies. Mostly tape. So much packing tape… We pack our boxes as full as they will go and then wrap them with packing tape to keep the lids on! We also use a few sharpies and dry erase markers. 

What We Cannot Take

Money. We are still a very small project and chose not to handle money to keep things simple. If you wanted to make a donation, it would mean a lot if you would pick up some of the new items like toiletries the next time you are at the store!

Car seats. Or car seat accessories such as covers, etc…

Any large items/furniture. We cannot accept cribs, change tables, strollers, bouncy chairs, high chairs, play mats, etc… Please remember that anything you donate needs to fit into a clothing filled box!

Anything with any question of safety. Such as crib bumpers, breast pumps, sleep positioners…

Anything that needs to be washed or repaired. We are simply not equipped for this. We run out of a small work room with a few volunteers and can’t take anything that cannot be used as is. 

Thank you for understanding!Blessings4Babies_Boxtop(1)