How to apply

Qualifying for a box is as easy as deciding that you need one. We won’t ask you embarrassing questions or make you prove that you need help. We run on the honor system around here. You don’t owe us an explanation of why you need help. In fact, if you are uncomfortable, you don’t even have to provide your name. The only thing you have to do is to answer these four questions about what you want put into your box and email us the answers.


What type of box do you want?

We can make boxes with either a girl, boy, or neutral colour scheme. 

Please note: While you can apply for a box at any point before or after baby is born, if you are planning to find out the gender please wait to apply until after you know what you are having. Each box is made to order by volunteers and cannot simply be “exchanged” once you know the gender.


What season will baby arrive in?

We try to send seasonally appropriate clothing, like a snowsuit that will be the right size in the winter. This question is of course optional, but helps us to customize your box so that you get the most out of it.


Do you want feeding items?

Depending on what has been donated, we often have some items that can help both breastfeeding and bottle feeding parents. If you would like them added to your box just let us know which would be helpful!


Do you live in the Guelph area? Or can pick up there?

These boxes are made in the Guelph, Ontario area. If at all possible we ask that you pick them up from a volunteer location, but if transportation is a barrier we have some volunteer drivers. 

We consider the Guelph area to cover Guelph, Rockwood, Fergus, Elora. 

We don’t deny box requests from outside of that, but we do require that you arrange your own transportation to pick it up before we make your box.